Monday, January 14, 2013

Guess whose house we saw?

 I met an On-Line friend in Bangor and we went to the Sea Dog Brewery/Pub for dinner.  Afterwards, she took me (in the pitch dark) to see one of Bangor's most sought after landmarks:  the home of Stephen and Tabitha King.  I too these pictures the next morning when the full splendor of the brick work, wrought iron fence and some of the sculptures could be seen.  I don't know of any King novels with frogs in them.  There was a central iron gate with a huge spider and web.

It felt a bit invasive to be taking pictures of a house because of the people who live in it.  Strangely, I do not feel invasive when I take photographs of architectural details on anonymously owned buildings!

 Then it was time to head home to meet the Darling Daughter for the previously described weekend of needlework.  It would have been great to have time to go to Bar Harbor, but that was kind of off the beaten path to Southern New Hampshire.  We ended up in Ellsworth for a late breakfast at the RiverSide Cafe.
Coastal Maine is hilly.  These town pictures look like a lot of the mid-coast towns we went through.  The towns tended to span rivers, or be at the end of an inlet, which meant that they were at the low spot between ridges.  I would be interested in knowing how deep the rivers actually are, because they are not especially wide.
 Ellsworth had a cute Irish Pub.
 The Riverside Cafe is in a building that used to be a hardware store.  I believe that the floor and some of the display cabinets may be from the old days.  Much of the bread was made on the premises... and the corned beef hash was terrific.


playmakebelieve said...

i would go back visit that pub! smithwicks!

Mumbles said...

I haven't been to Bangor in decades, but it still seems to look the same! That is one joyous looking frog!