Friday, January 25, 2013

Bruin in Newton

 We had a bit of a wind storm earlier this month.  Many people had trees blown down or removed by the power company.  This bear appeared where a tree used to be.  For a week or so, it was merely a very tall stump:  maybe 18 feet or so.  For another week it was shrouded in burlap.
But the other day I went by and IT WAS A BEAR!  Today when I went during daylight hours, it was not only a BEAR but a BRUIN:  That is, a member of Boston's Ice Hockey Team.  (note the shirt!).
And like all good Bruin fans, the baby bruin is watching developments as well.(See below left.) I'm not sure whether there will be any further refinements on the bear's face.

The high today was in the teens.  
Now tell me, who would go swimming in a FROZEN lake when it was that cold?

For that matter, who would DRIVE ONTO THE FROZEN LAKE?  Actually, my father would have, and DID back at Big Bear Lake in California.  But I wonder now (as I see some streams freeze then thaw and vice versa), how does one tell if it is frozen enough?

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