Saturday, January 26, 2013

Antique Store and Snow at the Shore

 Ever on the prowl for model train layout information and modeling supplies we ventured to The Train Shop at Brentwood Antiques a while back.  Most of the trains were O gauge or Lionel, so DH wasn't that interested.  But as Antique malls go, I thought this one was extremely well dusted and nicely displayed.  The shop was actually in a house, so it felt homey.
I especially liked all the glassware in front of the "back" window.

 There were some lovely handmade antique infant dresses.
 And toys that looked familiar, but that I had never had.  I especially liked the space ship.
 Then we went to Hampton Beach.  It still seems bizarre to me to see ocean AND snow all at once. 

I couldn't imagine who would EXPECT to find a life guard on duty when the parking lot was full of tire marks in the snow and the picnic tables were mounded high with the stuff.

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