Thursday, January 31, 2013

Resolution 2013.1

 I promised myself that after the beginning of the new year, I would get back to my art.  Seriously.  In a serious way.  Tuesday I took one measurable step in that direction:  I joined the Newburyport Art Association.  And, as of this writing, I have also signed up for a class for "Serious Beginners" taught by the painter of the above painting, Bob Richardson.  He apparently teaches students  using Cezanne's limited palette, pre-sketching and an emphasis on four basics (which escape me right now!--stay tuned).  It feels like a big step to enter a new studio after the charming camaraderie of The Bonny Studio back in Richardson, Texas.

 After tendering my credit card, I drove around and took photographs.  Most of these were taken from the parking lot that lays right up against the Eastern edge of Newburyport Bay.  These buildings face the street rather than the bay (which doesn't make sense to me, but then I lived in a landlocked county for over 30 years!).  I liked the weathered boards and varying colors of the building above.
This large building "ought" to be a yacht club, but so far as I can tell is is a private residence.  It faces Newburyport from the Salisbury side of the harbor.  I liked the look of it frosted with snow... and framed by the iron barrier that keeps cars and trucks from falling into the harbor.
 This is how I might paint it.

 There is an almost unnoticeable lighthouse kind of in the middle of town.  I couldn't see that there was any outcropping here that ships would need to know about.  Perhaps it was built "just for fun" by the original owner of the house.  It is also very near the Coast Guard facility... maybe the Commander has his own personal beacon....?
 Another building that seemed mixed up about which was its best side was this apartment/condominium.  I think the town house must have fabulous views of the harbor, the bridges, and the ocean.  (LOVE that huge round window... Looks like it might be 5 or 6 feet in diameter!! And in good weather, the balcony with umbrellas is probably an amazing setting for cocktails.  But what a pity that there are dumpsters and delapidated sheds around the base of the building.
 This pale pink house is actually in our town.  I think it would be fun to make a "house portrait" of it, even with the enormous "muffin" of a bush in its front yard.

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Unknown said...

You should see our house - a pink Victorian. Hah! We have no muffin bush in front, but we have overgrown foundation plants. Is the first picture something you did with photoshop? It looks like it was painted.