Monday, October 15, 2012

Strange Daze

Yesterday, Sunday, was kind of a strange day.  It was gray most of the day for one thing and it was easy to forget what time it was.  We had brunch at the Early Bird Cafe, along with most of Newton and Plaistow, so far as I could tell.  Before that, I planted the bare root Peonie, and Hollyhocks that arrived in Saturday's mail.  I've putt little white flags near each one so I can remember where and what I planted.
 A friend back in Plano sid he wouldn't mind having some pictures of our fall color, so on the way to and from the grocery store (during the Patriots' game, so there wouldn't be much of a crowd), I took some dusk/sunset photographs of local color.
 Elm Road in Plaistow.
 At Elm and Main.
 There are very few straight OR perpendicular streets around here.
 The view on departing from the grocery store.
 From the parking lot of the drug store.  Lots of people have squash and pumpkin displays by their front door.  Some also have corn stalks, ghosts, scarecrows and all manner of things.

 Not only do we have lots of fall color, there are lots of different KINDS of trees, each one of which seems to have its own "go to" color.  The maples and euonymous turn red.  The birches turn orange or yellow.  The evergreens stay... well evergreen!  And I'm thinking that a lot of the ground cover is actually poisoni vy..
The view from the front porch toward the NE.
Inside and cozy, we watched football and baseball.  DH is very happy that The Cardinals are maximizing their Wild Card Spot.

Today was warmer, but pretty much just as gray.  I was disciplined enough to take my constitutional up the local hill and back.  Heard but didn't see crows and woodpeckers.  Saw (but didn't hear) a tuxedo cat that I haven't seen before.

I thought I had an appointment in Haverill... but they told me in no uncertain terms that the MD is never THERE on Mondays.  I wondered if I had rotated several appointments to the wrong days and was chastising myself severely.  When I called around after getting home, though, it was only that one... and I'm wondering if THEY didn't get mixed up when I said I wanted the appointment in Haverhill instead of Andover.  I'll try again in a couple of weeks.
Exercise your memory; and back up your computer.

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