Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumnal Equinox

 Friday, DH and I went exploring for "Fall" in our neighboring communities.  First we found this basket of amazing gourds at Mann's Farms.  Gourd-geous and amazing.  Gnarly, even.
Next we followed the signs for Cider Hill Farm.  I had NO idea what to expect.
We found a family owned orchard, photography heaven and purveyors of very interesting and tasty food items.
Of course they had pumpkins.  The "basic" kind.

And they had LOTS of kinds of apples.  I really appreciated that they were willing to educate their customers about which ones were which, AND the primary qualities of each.  Right now I'm in love with Honey Crisp.
If you click on the list(s) below, they will embiggen enough to read the qualities.  DIVERSITY is good (and eliminates the need for genetically modified foods to a great degree.
They had enormous hanging baskets of intense color.

They also had chickens.  LOTS of chickens.  I don't know if these had enough space to officially be "free range" chickens or not, but they certainly seemed happy enough.  Children would feed them, the sun was warm, and they had lots of sand and dirt to take dirt baths in.

 The digital painting below is from a photograph I took up the hills to the "you-pick-em-orchards."
I can hardly wait to get this on a canvas with oils.

More hanging baskets and rioting colors.

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