Saturday, September 22, 2012

A child is like an illumination

My son seems to have given me permission to invite myself to his house to see him, his wife and, of course, HRH, The Granddaughter. 

We spent this afternoon with him and her while Mommy was at a scrap-booking workshop. Daddy had played late-night hockey last night and apparently helped dispose of a fair quantity of beer afterwards, so he didn't mind that we just sat around chatting, watching HRH, and channel surfing.The three of us might solve all the worlds problems if we had enough relaxed hours together.

I think Miss Almost-Two was excited to have two extra adorers in the vicinity as she pretty much ignored lunch AND turned down a great nap opportunity.  (What is better than a nap on a beautiful Fall day?) There were a few spasms of crankiness later in the day.

 * * * * * *
And while I was cropping and re-touching some of these photographs, what I came to wonder is how people forget how wonderful living can be.  And how important our adult decisions are.

More specifically, HOW can our politicians think that arguing, sequestering, filibustering, lying, cheating and spinning can be more important than making the world better for children?  Don't they love THEIR children?  Their grandchildren.  Lots of those "old white guys" in Congress are old enough to have grand children.  Why don't they GET IT?

And whether they are parents or grandparents or not, why doesn't everybody realize that VOTING is a way we can show our dedication, affection and appreciation for these amazing beings. 

(I totally understand why PARENTS don't get it... they are too busy, too tired and too torn in myriad ways).  But we ELDERS should stick our necks out.. as we are able.  To cherish, protect, and educate our children.
(Here endeth the lesson).
What is better than snuggling with Mommy or Daddy all afternoon?  Then getting up and reading a book?  Or doing a puzzles?  Or coloring?

 I wouldn't be surprised if she is reading by the time she is three.  It's only a week until she turns two.

 Playing with the yarn grandma is using to re-make Daddy's sweater.

Bailey is happy now that the weather is cooler.  He naps and listens and watches.  The cats do, too... but they hide while they do it.  Bailey is too big to hide.


kath said...

Love this, Dana :) Beautiful pictures and a good point, too.

kath said...

p.s. there doesn't appear to be a link for the last picture..and you know how I love dogs, so....

Tony LaRocca said...

You're a dedicated and loving mom and grandma :)