Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday In Maine

 We didn't know exactly what to do with ourselves after DH's bout with antibiotics.  So we decided to head for the Portsmouth Barnes and Noble... but DH was game to go to Kittery (where there was a tiny gallery I'd seen on the internet) and to York.

In reverse order... here are pictures from Stonewall Kitchen's showroom, production facility and corporate offices.  It is sort of like a free standing Williams Sonoma store, except it is all local NewEngland food (so far as I could tell.

I'd never seen so many kinds of pumpkins as they had on display!  We did not, however, have our pictures taken with them.

The gardens were in magnificent full color.

 The Angel Trumpet Tree was new to me.  It is "rated" for zones 8-10 and I imagine that Maine is in about 6.  But perhaps it is sheltered enough to survive.  The seeds and leaves are toxic...hallucinogenic.
They apparently smell good, and attract moths to pollinate them.
 Close up view.
 Rooster sculpture/statue with pumpkins.
 I'm waiting for plant identification... but am thinking that this might be a Dahlia.  It was on its own long single stem and planted with other ornamental, blooming plants.
 The entry to the garden.

 The gallery in Kittery is called Just Us Chickens and was delightful.  I may go back there to do some Christmas Shopping. 
 I need to get wilder, I guess.

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Tony LaRocca said...

Some people collect movies, others collect model cars, and others have pumpkins. Everyone needs a hobby! :)