Monday, July 02, 2012

Vicarious Adventure

 My son got it into his head to bicycle from his home in Weymouth to his Dad's Maine house.  We got to babysit (since his wife actually had to work(!) the darling Judy.

Queen of the Convertible (at the mall

Intrepid climber

Ready to slide

To the moon and beyond!  (she was in a rocket ship!)

Thoughts and second thoughts!

Lips like cherries... or was that a rose?
Dad arrived at the Massachusetts/New Hampshire line a little after lunch and made it to Portsmouth well before dark.  I hope he does as well tomorrow for the second leg of his trip. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and not torridly hot.
Once he made it to Rte 1A he said it was actually "fun."  Riding along the beach on a part of the coast that is WAY last crowded than the Cape.

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