Thursday, July 05, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa's adventure

 My son and daughter in law entrusted their daughter to us while riding a bike to Maine and going to work (respectively).  In the past we've just stayed at their house, but we wised up and planned some small adventures in the mornings before lunch and nap time.

And as usual, I had my camera.  The Judester moves pretty quickly so it was tough to get pictures that were in focus.  I was, however, pleased that both the mall and McDonald's had lots of natural light.

The Judester is social and sociable. She was happy to watch other children (older OR younger), happy to play and happy to make eye contact.  All the toddler children exhibited "parallel" play and didn't need a lot of conversation!  Everybody shared.  Everybody had a good time.  It was very pleasant to watch.
 She has a wee bit of HAM in her!
 At McDonalds a boy about 9 gave her a ball to play with while he tried to shoot baskets with another.  He ran circles around her, but eventually she tried throwing for the basket, too.

I loved watching her run and run then STOP and THEN throw the ball... But after maybe 100 tries, the action was much more coordinated.
 Great form!
 She was Queen of the slide.

 SO huggable!
Bye bye!

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