Friday, June 01, 2012

Daring to dream a little

The same day I saw adverts on the television for garden and storage sheds, DH found a website for Reeds Ferry Sheds.  We drove to their "show room" hill in Hudson, New Hampshire on Memorial Day.  They weren't officially open but there was a fellow working and the front door was unlocked.  He encouraged us to look around and gave us catalogs.
They had weather vanes on display, and on some of the buildings.
Seeing this large gazebo, screened in, made me wish that our new house's deck was screened in.  Perhaps the "bug" seasons will not be as long as I have read about.  Or maybe we'll plant LOTS of citronella around the foundation.
They may only have three or four "models," but they are customizable:  color? shutters? window boxes?
This is the fancified version of the Victorian Cottage: extra windows, shutters, flower boxes, a cupola AND a whale of a weather vane.
Or perhaps a larger cupola with an almost flying pig.  (Did you know that widow's walks (i.e. flat areas near the top of a roof line) weren't really where widows watched for their seafaring husbands.  Rather they were where one stored shovels and sand for putting out the fire if your chimney caught on fire. It was CUPOLAS where widows stood to look for their men at sea.  Makes sense.  Cupolas have GLASS so the widow doesn't get WET.
Anyway, DH was looking at the sheds, wanting one larger than the large one for his woodworking.  He seems to think we will have room and funding for me to have one for an art studio.  Wheee!  There's a dream.  Dare I dream? An enclosure with a Northern exposure, electricity and storage for those canvases which just keep accumulating.

What kind of weather vane would you pick?
I suppose window boxes ALWAYS have annuals.  At least they don't take very many.

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. Thank you for your visit to Reeds Ferry Sheds. We love your pictures. Did you ever get your art studio? If not, let us know when you're ready and we will arrange a "photographer on staff" discount" ;)
Thanks again. Take care.