Friday, June 01, 2012

Ducky and Yucky

Considering that the Merrimack River is more than 175 miles long, there is an awful lot of shoreline that you can't see or get to.  Our favorite Breakfast Diner is just past a sign that says Lawrence/Merrimack park and Boat Program.  Finally we got there.  We drove through a few blocks of well maintained crowded homes and found a tiny parking lot with a boat house, docks, and can you believe it, A BOAT.  I don't know if there is an active sailing group here, but this sailboat seemed dressed up for Memorial Day.
The Geese weren't dressed up, but they brought ALL the goslings.  These "chicks" were probably several months old because they had a gangly, adolescent look.  Their legs seemed too long to manage, threatening to topple over at any moment.
They also looked, to me, like some of the robotic AT-AT creatures from Star Wars.
Don't you love the zig zag reflections?!
There seems to be an immigration issue.  The Canadian Geese are not hanging out with the non- Canadian Geese.
On a more critical note... I am sad to report that I cannot recommend Bugaboo Steak House.  At All.
Even their weird animatronic taxidermy doesn't help.  Sending in the Mounties didn't/couldn't help.
The salad had no flavor.  The broccoli-cheese soup looked regurgitated and the broccoli (which is submissive anyway) had been cooked TO DEATH.  And... where does one find cheese that has no flavor?  Especially within 100 miles of VERMONT?  Really. We should have known not to eat there because the parking lot was pretty much empty.  But since we eat at the geezer hour, we thought maybe we had just beaten the crowd.  Nope.  Nobody wanted to eat there. And from what little news I could find (mostly a year old), they are related to a series of poorly performing restaurants.  (Not "under" performing, just poor performance.)

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