Friday, June 01, 2012

Acton Adventure and a quick spin around Newbury Port and Joppa Flats

When your GPS and reality disagree (like when I was looking for a yarn shop last week), sometimes you find interesting things you wouldn't have found otherwise.
Since DH stayed home, I was free to drive slowly, back up and TAKE PICTURES FROM THE CAR. The first one was this "path" into a mysterious, but potentially beautiful place between some pines and some other trees.  It was probably just a worn down track where somebody drove their snow blower, but cropped close, it looks promising.
Next was this home with a nice lawn, but AMAZING Rhododendrons.  I am falling in love with these shrubs.  I need to read up more about them to see if they are fool- and gardener-proof!
Because the GPS seemed not to know that the yarn shop had relocated, I ended up in the parkinglot of Gary's Farm Stand in Littleton.  The Farm/flower stand was beautiful (and I might want to go back and actually inspect the produce/products up close) but what was MOST amazing were the clouds coming in from the West just before the sun went down.  We were supposed to get thunderstorms, but as far as I know, none materialized.

Layers of air, vapors and colors.
A peek inside the green house.
This is one of the larger John Deeres I've seen in my life as a City Girl.  I appreciated that the driver's Patriot's shirt was aa bright red contrast to the green and yellow.
I don't know what the official name is for this amazing rusty iron "wheel."  It could possibly be one of many that would have been dragged through soil with others on an axle.  As it was, I liked the teeth, cogs and apparent cutters.

Red, white, blue and Green.  Imagine if we get up early and take photographs of this with the sun ON it instead of behind it.
Abundantly abundant abundance.

I overshot the Acton Shopping Center and turned off on a side road called Horseshoe Lane.  THIS house looked as though it might meet all of our criteria: single story, contemporary, room to build.
FINALLY, found The Woolpack.  They are about four times bigger than they were at their old location, but the friendly welcome, large stock and multiple knitting tables were inviting.  I'll definitely be back.  I may not buy a lot of yarn, but when I find a store I like, I am loyal.
Their planter was pretty, too.
Together, DH and I wandered around Lawrence a bit, mostly looking for the bottom of a water tower we saw, and discovered St. Mary's Cemetary.  There may, actually be more than one cemetary here, but the property is immense, green and well-groomed.
This plot with a couple of big memorials and many many tiny ones must have a story.  I haven't been been able to find it.
The monument by the flag pole is flanked by a cannon.  I'm not sure I'd want a cannon by my grave.
So much of Massachusetts is authentically historical.  I wonder what Newburyport thinks of having been infiltrated by Starbucks.  This one is smaller is than most, with minimal seating.  I like a less busy Starbucks where I can sit and sketch or read the New York times.
On the Google Satellite maps, this tiny house is just a white dot between Newburyport and Plum Island.  (Maybe 30 x 30?)  What I liked MOST was the two level cupola; what I liked next best was the "gang plank" and stilts.
A slightly clearer view.  (Double click on the image to see it bigger).
There is an enormous Audubon observation outpost next to this marshy area.  Lucky for me a bird flew threw the image!

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