Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parkinglot Flora & and a little fauna

 It is a grim day when I don't draw, photograph or get to SEE somebody else's art.  A day or two ago, the sun was heading for nighty-night, and I hadn't done any of those things, so while we were putting gas in the car, I took a LOT of photographs of what was close at hand.
First was the SKY.  Amazing clouds!  and constantly changing light.  Blues, grays, lavenders, pinks and later, oranges.  It gives me inspiration to look at, and headaches when I try to figure out how one would actually paint them!
 Do you know what this picture is?  It is asphalt "glue" between some concrete sections by the gas pump.  Yup. Really.  Have you ever noticed that more thngs stick to asphalt than concrete?  (Note the fibers and the staple on the left arm.) (If you want to see this or any photograph larger, and on black, just double click on it and it will open in a newer, bigger version.)
 A red-winged blackbird was singing and calling across the boggy marshes.  It took me a while to realize all the different songs he/she was singing.
 These daisies were fairly ordinary AND overwhelmingly prominent.  The little lavender flowers have only been blooming for a few days.  I especially liked the way they contrasted with the sky-blue reflections in the water.
 I don't know what kind of shrubs/trees these are.  I loved how the setting sun just caught the semi-transparent petals of the white blooms.  (I was also pretty proud of myself that I got them in focus while allowing the background to be in softer, fuzzier focus.)

 The bird was still calling.
And, of course, eventually, the sun went down.

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