Friday, May 04, 2012

Winning Windham

There is a small town just over the state line called Windham. We like it very much.  It has two sizable bodies of water:  Cobbetts Pond and Canobie Lake.  Today's home showing was a 3 BR on a cul de sac.  As ever, there were lots of things to like and some weird things we are having to ponder (while the lenders slog through their bureaucracy.)
The lot is wonderful.  Slightly less than an acre, the home is slightly more than half way back, but there is plenty of room for a workshop... assuming the neighborhood covenants will allow it. Unlike Plano there are not "privacy fences,"  just a decent distance between homes.  None of the homes are aligned/sited in a way that would invade privacy anyway.  The view above left if from the front yard towards the neighbor on the right.  Above left is the view towards the pack of the property line from the drive way (which, fortunately, IS paved).
Another view from the street.  The landscaping includes LOTS of mulch and big granite boulders.

Some of the planting looks pretty new.  I don't know if they tore out the old shrubs, or what.  But there were obviously updates "newer" than the 10 year old building. The master bath was large and well lit, even if there was only a single sink.  I liked the grab bar and seat in the shower.

This bright, light room was surprisingly hard to capture. It had windows on three side which made it cheerful. (I loved hearing the birds).  The deck area is approximately the same size as this eating area.  I did not understand why there was a more formal dining room NEXT to this.  I would rather the "formal dining area" be re-purposed as a cozy library or den.  Maybe a place, even, for a pellet stove.  
The main living area while not huge, has bamboo floors and a view to the back yard.  The two smaller bedrooms at the front of the house, while small have ample closet space.
The basement is the size of the entire footprint of the house. We would have preferred that it be a "walk out" rather than a "bulkhead" style... but given the grade of the lot, I can understand why they did it this way.  There is certainly a lot of space. (And now we know where Santa stays in the off season.)

I can easily imagine spending time on the deck.. Preferably in a rocker or glider. Below is our view of the next house.  They had lots of play equipment.

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