Wednesday, May 02, 2012

It isn't always Location, Location, Location

Sometimes it is House, Lot, AND Location (though not necessarily in that order.)

Today's house, in my opinion,   (Newmarket)       ( Woodvue House)
earned these grades:
House:        C+                           A                            A
Lot:             A                            C                             B
Location:    A-                           C                             A

Deficits?    steps throughout             remote/pool/unpaved drive        no basement

The "farmer's porch" is the full width of the home and was welcoming. A couple of rocking chairs would be perfect.
 The front yard is large and level.  I could imagine great games of tag or "statues" on this lawn.
 The deck was capacious-- whether for grilling, swilling or milling.
 The back yard is also large, wide and level.  Definitely room for a workshop without taking up all of the open space. Badminton or bocce anyone?
 The laundry is kind of in the middle of the house:  half way between garage and master bedroom.  It felt illogical, but it was nice to have it on the main level rather than in the basement or garage.
 A large eat-in kitchen/diningroom was well lit by a triple southern exposure.
 The owner had the neatest office I've EVER seen. 
 Note that the painting over the bed reflects the bedroom... but with the addition of a cat on the bed.  I saw a cat litter bin in the basement, but never saw a cat.
The other bath had a light tube providing natural light.  The master bath was a bit darker, but spacious.  The corner jacuzzi tub actually looked inviting.  (Not so thrilled with the cordovan colored counters, though.
 Why can't everyone put in a shower WITH a seat... Makes for a good massage!
 If you didn't have "seasonal" wardrobes, this closet wouldn't be big enough for two. (There were hall closets... but that's where you keep hobby supplies, right?
 The "second" or guest bedroom. 
 The present owner had a nice selection of woodworking tools in the basement.  Not a shred of sawdust was visible... does he USE this stuff?
There was lots of storage... I don't know if the shelves would remain or not.  Probably not.  The organization was appealing.

This house was modular construction by Guildcrest of Canada and has an insulation rating of 50... which is nearly twice what most American built houses have.  Would save on heating.

Tomorrow we're going to see whether the location for the NewMarket  house is as bad as we first thought.  It is quite a hike for the grandbaby's family.

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