Friday, May 04, 2012

Late Breakfast at The Chatterbox Cafe

 Through the marvel of Droid/Google Maps search and Yelp reviews, we chose The Chatterbox Cafe for our post-house hunting "breakfast" this afternoon.  Through the marvel of our new Garmin GPS & navigator tool, we could actually FIND it!    The coffee was good, the service was friendly, and by not going there at primetime on a weekend, we didn't have to wait.

There was also a full service hair salon down a couple of doors.  They were happy for a walk-in, and I was happy with my wash/trim/style for the same price as I used to pay in Plano.  The stylist seemed WAY young in comparison to the fellow I'd been going to for 30 years (I doubt she was 30 years old!), but she knew her stuff and if we DO land in Windham, I'll be happy to go back to her with my "color" recipe!

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