Sunday, May 27, 2012

Perqs of being Gra'ma and Gran'pa

A little bird..

We had an invitation (which we accepted) to watch over (i.e. babysit) HRH the Granddaughter last night.

Everybody survived! 
That didn't really surprise me, but I was reminded me of some of the various terrors that I experienced when I faced some new situation or another with my first born.

We got the low down (and then got it repeated) from my son, and then my DIL (aka "the mom").  Their schedules, requests and recommendations coincided, so it was all good.  Snack.  Play. Dinner. Play. Bath. Bed time routine (which might need to be repeated to actually "work.")  Put the dog out about 5 pm or if he barks.  Double check that he is fastened to the outdoor leash/dog run.

Mlle. J woke up from her nap before Mom and Dad left.  She was happy to see us, and played with M&D before they left.  She is definitely at the "bonded with mom and dad, DON'T LEAVE ME, stage.  Fortunately, it didn't last for more than 120 agonizing, earsplitting seconds or so. She kept her distance but was mollified by some apple snacks and smiles and no demands.

SHE knew her schedule.  I think that even if without most of the parental instructions, we could have followed HER requests. 
Frowning and sitting really still = I have a wet diaper, please change it!
Heat tilt and gaze toward kitchen = How about some more yogurt or some pears?
Playing with blocks, puzzle pieces with total absorption = I don't need you now.
Frown and walking into kitchen = "Yo! how about dinner?"
(She laughed at how challenging I found the process of getting the high chair tray on the high chair.)
Rubbing chin and shaking her head = my face is dirty, please clean me up.
Brings book and says "up" = read to me, or let me pretend to read to you.
Sits alone and looks bored = Yup, I'm ready for my bath and bed.

I ran some tepid water, helped her undress and it was arms up, and into the tub.  She wasn't much for actual soap or scrubbing, but definitely did an initial face wash prior to sticking all the sponge letters to the side of the tub.  (Thank you, DIL for the padded knee pad at the side of the tub!!)

Skipped most of the drying off process, but was ready for fresh diaper and sleepy T-shirt.  Collected bear, blanket, monkey and baby doll and let me know they all needed to be rocked for a bit.  What a bit of heave to rock  your sweet-smelling granddaughter until she falls asleep.  A first for her and me.

Gran'pa got plenty of hugs and kisses along the way.  Put the dog out twice.  Both times the leash latch failed or something.  First time, we found the dog in the back yard looking at us like we were next.  Second time we didn't find the dog, so called DS and confessed.  DS said that he had already been called by a neighbor who had the dog.  Whew.

I hope we get asked back.  We could fix their broken light switch.  Maybe supply a new dog leash latch.  Let Mlle. J have the pleasure of falling asleep curled up on a bearded man!

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Holly said...

I know. Isn't it the best? Cam isn't much of a snuggler, but I have managed to get her to rock with me a few times. One of the things I miss most about having small children is the fresh-from-bath and in my jammies times with books and snuggles. Thank goodness for grandbabies!