Monday, May 28, 2012

Lowell Cobblestones & Retroactive Anniversary Dinner

We had a lovely, (expensive) dinner at Cobblestone's Pub in Lowell on Sunday evening.  We were searching via the GPS for someplace "close" that we could find.  Cobblestone's had lots of stars, and when I saw that it was owned/managed by the same people that run Moonstone, I was sure it would be a good choice.
It was harder to find than expected because the actual address was on a block that was ONLY 1 block long, and that block was not where the GPS thought it was.  When we finally spied the sign, the good news was that there was plenty of parking, a cute little train station (or switching station or something) across the way, as well as an off shoot of the Merrimac river and also a bi-lingual Episcopal church with its traditional welcoming Red Door. 

We started off with simultaneous shrimp cocktails (4 enormous, fresh, icy-cold shrimp) and I had a Harpoon 100 Barrell lager.  Hubby thought I should have tried a Smutty-nose Old Brown Dog ale or maybe a Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA.  I hope he's not trying to give me a message!

We both had chicken:  Parmigiana for me and Marsala for him.

Then we shared a piece of what was apparently flourless chocolate cake WITH ganache.  Ooooooooooooooooh, yum!

  We found a Barnes and Noble bookstore via the GPS, too.  Regrettably, since it is/was affiliated with UMass Lowell, and it WAS Memorial Day, the store was closed.  I hope the store makes more sense when it is open than the sign did when it was closed.
Mixed messages anyone?

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