Friday, May 25, 2012

Forgot my sketchbook...

So DH stopped and I bought a new smaller one (5 x 7) that will always be in my purse.  I had a lovely  hour (or possibly more!) sketching at the riverside in Newburyport. (The photos will be better when I get to unpack my scanner.)

 More photos tomorrow--Even if nothing really adventurous.  AND we get to babysit the grandbaby tomorrow night.  LOTSA pictures for that, I think!
 I read a new book on Landscape Painting last night with lots of "composition hint."  I hope it shows!


This is exactly how crabby we felt when we realized we had another 6 weeks of "hotel living" to look forward to (unless we set off traveling).  Oh, and there are 30 rooms with 4+ teenaged boys EACH surrounding us .  Teenage boys are NOISY.

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