Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More on the way to and from Lowell

 On the road that follows the Merrimack River out of Lowell, there were occasional wide sections of water, parts surrounded by trees and hills.  I took a pretty rotten photo, cropped it and edited it and came up with the  painting idea above.
 Talk to the hand!  (This signal was at the entrance to U. Mass Lowell)
 Also on the shores of the river were hundreds, maybe thousands of people having picnics and barbecues... and scull races later.  You don't see racing shells much in Texas.  The trailer above was one of about 6 that we saw within a half mile or so.  I wish we could have seen them being paddled.
 And there was a big, temporary carnival.  I was initially looking in the wrong direction, but I did get a drive-by photograph of the backs of some prizes!
 I didn't hear about any accidents, so I assume that the petting zoo and rides were all plenty safe!
 The bridge over the Merrimack in Tyngsboro is actually quite beautiful in an iron and lace kind of way.
 On the way home we followed a big "silver" trailer.  The reflections of the sunset and our headlights looked pretty neat. When we passed it, we saw that it had room for four horses.

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