Monday, May 07, 2012

Offer made... AND accepted. What now?!!

Over the River and through the woods to Grandmother's house...
to be on Kenwood Road, Newton, New Hampshire
This is the front view.  The house was built by a Canadian company that does pre-fab "modular housing."  My understanding is that the main part of the house arrived in three pieces:  Living room/kitchen, bedrooms and dining area.  The "breeze way" or three season room and three car garage was added later and built on-site.
And notice the long whole-house length porch.  Rocking chairs anyone?
This is the view from the head of the drive way.  There is an entry to the breezeway from here, and there is an interior entry to the breezeway from the garage. 
 The front yard... (leech field) with a tiny faux bridge and bird feeder.  (I loved  hearing all the different birds from the porch.)
 The back of the house seen from the back of the property.
 Close up view... big deck with grill and patio table.
Open view from the living room to the kitchen area, which is sort of like "mission control." I'm going to need some graph paper and stand in pieces to figure out how to arrange the furniture.
 View from the kitchen island toward the breezeway (to the left) and laundry area/deck (to the right)
I wish I'd taken a photograph of the breezeway.  Hubby thought of it as sort of a giant mudroom... but the present owners had a reading lamp and chair in it, and it looked like a comfortable "den" or reading area.
 Laundry area, with multiple closets.  It seems a bit strange (to me anyway) to have the laundry area right in the middle of the house, but as my son pointed out, it might also be VERY convenient. At least nighttime loads wouldn't be noisy in the master bedroom.
Counters and cabinets in the kitchen.  Gas stove is a plus!

 The living room is smaller than our old one... but I think we can still get a comfy seating area AND the piano in here.  I believe there is a fire place on the far r.h. wall.  Where would you put a TV?
 From the kitchen to the "official" main entry/porch.

The large dining area adjacent the kitchen.
I'm pretty sure that the plaid wall paper and flowered edging would have to go.  I can imagine living with Carl Larssen- style Scandinavian Country decor... but not "plain old" Country decor.  Possibly the light fixture, too.  I think DH might have several projects to build.  And SOON.

 The hall view from the living area.  Closets and powder room on the left, bedrooms on the right.  Master Suite to the left at the end of the hall.
Master Bedroom with door to walk in closet.
 Master Bedroom with windows facing the back yard.
 Tub in Master Bath. Thank heaven the tub and shower are white.  The counters are a rather horrid burgundy color (that coordinates with the curtains), but which can, I hope, easily be replaced!
Shower in the master bath.
 Guest Bedroom or Studio?  Lovely "northern exposure"!! But I may lobby for a Northern Exposure in the added workshop building.  :-)
 Third Bedroom/Office?
 Shed for lawn/snow equipment (although there's also room in the third bay of the three car garage.)

 Power supply!! /water heaters!  Enormous basement.

 Owner's wood working corner.
 Storage!  and more storage.  6 months of food?  Water?  Yarn?!!

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Carla said...

Dana, I LOVE your new house. Beautiful.