Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mystery rather than FUBAR SNAFU

Mystery by Sultry on the move, but stuck in a hotel

We were at Starbucks, our home away from home when DH realized HE COULD NOT FIND HIS WALLET.
@#$% #$%^ $%^&
We had been to a Pet Smart Store but no place else.  So we high-tailed it back to Pet Smart.  No sign of the missing wallet.
Horribly disoriented.  (How do you replace your driver's license when you are out of state?  What cards were in the wallet?
We came back to our hotel room.  MY phone had a message.
Ms. ____?  This is Josh at Starbucks.  We found a wallet and yours was the contact phone number.
 Whew.  That only took a few years off our life span. 
So how does a wallet escape a pants pocket?
Does hubby need a wallet chain?  Tighter jeans?

 Our drive was for the purpose of seeing our house-to-be AND trying out a "back way" of getting there.  It was definitely a back way.  The GPS knew where we were, but I'm not sure where we went.   We some places that were much more interesting than "just" the highway.
 There are some fairly horribly designed houses being built in this part of the country, too.  The turret/tower only has one floor... so only the people on the bottom level have a view.  What a waste.

 I am not sure what elephabnts have to do with ice cream.

Houses of our future neighbors.
Mystery, a photo by Sultry on the move, but stuck in a hotel on Flickr.

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