Sunday, May 06, 2012

First Saturday Open Studios at Western Avenue Studios

 Imagine an abandoned river side mill re-purposed into a five story community of artist lofts.  FIVE STORIES.  Hundreds of artists making art of all sorts in immediate proximity of one another.
On the first Saturday of the month, the artists open their studios, and just plain folk can visit, chat and ogle.
Which is what I did (even though I only "made it" through two floors of studios).
 The fourth floor was proud of trying to create a sense of community.  Hence, they had art on arches,
 art on the walls of the halls, and art in mini galleries ear the freight elevator, the restroom alcoves and a kitchen area.

 Perhaps the most whimsical pieces were at Particle17 Studio.  Faces and characters made from found, reclaimed and discarded metal objects.

 Characters & tin men.
Even the landings were artsy.
I didn't take photographs everywhere, because it seemed intrusive.  But here are links of artists (in no particular order)  that I especially liked:


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic and I want to go to Open Studio's but where is it?

Anonymous said...

122 Western Ave
Lowell, MA

Nita Leger Casey said...

Thank you for coming to our studios ,we love new visitors,and to write about us it certainly was a plus.

Nita Leger Casey studio 407A at Western Avenue studios in Lowell Ma