Sunday, May 06, 2012

A new wrinkle

This afternoon I visited DS, DIL and HRH, the grandbaby to see how much of a journey it really is.It took me about 45 minutes each way.  And since it wasn't a "high season" weekend day, or the day after a snow storm, it seemed perfectly pleasant.
 I got in some good catching up with my son before HRH woke up from her nap.  He went to get her up and almost immediately called for the Mom.  HRH had dime-to-fifty cent piece welts on her tushie, thighs and back.  NOT NATURAL.
None of US had seen anything like it before. (turns out it is fairly common, though.)
Their doctors have a clinic that is even open (and convenient) on Sunday afternoons, so we piled into the car and got HRH checked out.  "Let's do a culture for Strep," said the MD.
Before we even got back home the culture had ripened and Strep with Hives it is.  A Rx was called in, schedules changed so she can stay home from school for the 24 more hours she would be contagious at day care, and normalcy (and peace of mind) returned.

 She looks better than most people feel when they have strep and are sure they are swallowing shards of glass!
Flirting should be her middle name.
Her parents celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary over the weekend.

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Holly said...

They are such resilient little things. Cam can be running a temp, sniffing, coughing and you would never know by her mood or behavior. HRH is so adorable. Sorry she is under the weather.