Saturday, April 14, 2012

Here is La Petite Reine... and the reason (or excuse) we have picked up our roots and left Texas. Today was our second day in the Boston area and since my son had mostly gotten over the flu, and since the Bruins were playing their second in the Bruins/Capitols Stanley Cup series, and since I haven't seen HRH for SIX MONTHS (!!!) it was a real pleasure to spend the afternoon hanging out at her house. She was shy at first, but relaxed and went about her business shortly

She seems so confident and happy in her skin. but a pink fleece hockey jersey is way cool. And grape/cranberry juice to go along with the game was a good thing.

She doesn't miss much. She practiced butting on her bib several times. And did a terrific job.

When to people stop really looking at each other?
.Exuberand yet quiet and gentle.

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Holly said...

Can't think of a better reason to pack up and move. Heavens she is adorable. Love that little sprout of a pony tail on top.