Sunday, April 15, 2012

The drive from Albany to N. Andover was only about 260 miles. Most of the time we were on either the NY Thruway or the Mass Turnpike so the driving was straight, fairly flat and definitely easy. The rain held off and the sun shone brighter as we got into Massachusetts. This farm needs to painted, don't you think?

We found an antique mall directly in front of the historical Old Sturbridge Village. There didn't seem to be any obviously rules about what could be displayed for sale. This case had the plate and the lion. They wanted $18 for the lion.

What are the chances that YOU would have a flimsy acidic cardboard box in which a 1950's or '60's toy Mixer came in? The pink one was priced at $85.00.The OSV has a sort of conference center adjacent the entry to the Village. We declined to pay the $24 entry fee because we didn't have time to do the exhibits justice. I was glad to see that after you paid the entry fee you had another days' entry included as long as it was within 10 days. The shop keeper said they were "only" having about 600 children visiting the day were there. sometimes it is in the 1000's. I would need to be there a different day!

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