Thursday, April 12, 2012

Common Thread
I found a terrific yarn shop mostly by accident while we were exploring Saratoga Springs. I'm sure it is well known, far and wide. It is worth going out of your way! The woman at the register was friendly, knew all the locals and knew her stock. She sympathized with me about having too much yarn in storage to be buying any more. A customer confessed that she had a second bathtub full of Red Heart which she was using up in prayer shawls and lap robes for nursing homes.
The store lucked out when they were able to purchase the wood display cabinets that the prior shop owners had built or had built.
A scarf out of Classic Elite... fingering weight? Very fine.

The Madeline Tosh yarns were in beautiful colors. How ironic: They are from Texas.
New Novelty yarns include FEATHERS?!!

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Indigene said...

Wow! What an amazing store! The colors and textures are mesmerizing!