Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Border Crossing
To Canada to see the American Side of Niagara Falls

On Monday we went to Niagara Falls. We had our passports ready. Since we had no weapons, tobacco, less than $1000 and no pets, there wasn't much trouble getting into Ontario.

The Canadian Coat of Arms: From sea to sea

This is the "near" (Canadian) end of "horseshoe" falls. When I first approached the ample and adequate stone wall and fence, I had a definite sense of vertigo. The water looked SO solid (even as it moved) that it seemed as though I must be moving rather than the water. The wind was at least 30 knots, so the mist was especially diffuse. The rainbows moved and shone beautifully.

If I understand correctly, water falls down 350+ feet from Lake Erie the Niagara River on its way to Lake Ontario. I need to check whether it goes North or South from there... That is, does it go towards the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers? Or to a Northwest Passage to the Atlantic? Isn't it amazing what one doesn't know sometimes?

The Welcome Ccenter was well and truly monetized. It would compare well to the most crass examples of American commercialism. However, the poster above, explaining the changing shape of the falls over 300+ years was very informative. We had been lead to believe that the "maid of the mist" boat tours wouldn't start until later in April, and skipped the additional tours, 3D movies, etc. (Plus there is SO much information on line!!)Rhe view north toward the appropriately named Rainbow Bridge.A wider angled view of Rainbow Bridge, including the area where an entire power station eroded/fell into the Niagara River (Where the cliff is flat and there are power vents just above the river.)

People watching was fascinating both inside and outside the Welcome Center. There were so many older folks, tourists and extended families, I forgot that Niagara Fallas was a Honeymoon destination until I caught this couple with my camera. There were people from Europe, the Middle East (Arab and Israeli given their head wear), Japan and India. there were some who were speaking Spanish sounding languages, but they could have been from Brazil, Portugal or the Caribbean for all I know.A disused power station.
This bridge is between the City of Niagara and Grand Isle. I think it pivots to let boat traffic go by. I can imagine developing a fascination with bridges if I were in this area for long. The trusses vary, the colors vary, and the methods for making room for ships varies.
Human ingenuity is quite amazing.
You can see almost all 185 photos I took here.

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