Sunday, April 08, 2012

From Brecksville to Buffalo
If you ever get to plan a town, it is nice when the main drag, or the first thing you see has the name of the town on it. We were heading north on Highway 77 and road signs indicated that this particular exit had BOTH a gas station AND a Starbucks. The gas station was right at the clover leaf, but we got to find out what town it was when we went and looked for the Starbucks. We got there about 11 am. Most people seemed to have just come from Easter Services.
I'm not sure where the churches are.
There was a charming, tiny gazebo and bandstand in front of the "historic" Town Hall.

It wasn't long before we were coming up on Cleveland.

Not everybody runs on Dunkin' after all.
Past Cleveland and into Pennsylvania towards Erie, which we zipped by, and looks interesting.
This reminded me of the Amish farms in Ohio. Lancaster County is relatively close to Erie. (By Texas standards, OK?)

Out of Pennsylvania into New York, landing in Buffalo.
The cat is enjoying the bigger suite layout, and especially the wide, low window ledges.

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