Thursday, March 01, 2012

Restrain the Kracken!

Puppy Cat

I've been researching how to take a cross country trip with a cat. The cat has been napping blissfully in ignorance. She survived her confinement this morning (4+ hours!!) while the house inspector did his/her thing. And she didn't even get catty afterward.

We've also changed her diet... She'd been inhaling her dry catfood pellets and then hurling them right back at us. The vet recommended "single source protein" and preferably ones she hadn't had before. We now know from experience that she likes DUCK and TURKEY.

Here are my favorite bits of advice about traveling with a cat:

As for getting him back in the crate. It's like a jack in the box with claws. You have to hold the front claw units and push the accordion into the box. It doesn't hurt him. This is one of those rare moments with a cat that you must be the boss.

Most cats enjoy sitting in a cardboard box. If yours does, you can save one with an old towel or blanket in it. It becomes a favourite bed. And a nice way to carry him to the car, too.

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