Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sentiment and Chaos
I have been culling "stuff" since the first of the year. I actually like doing it once I get started, but boy can I procrastinate. Week before last I came across a drawer full of folders of my "children's" school work from Montessori school, and this painting by my son in his required 7th grade art class. I don't know if he was copying another piece, or painting from his imagination, but I am impressed with the color scheme, contrasts (hue AND value) as well as the broken colors in the foreground and on the train engine itself. When I asked if he wanted it after all these years, his texted response was "God,No." So I'll probably send it to an art studio to be re-cycled. I've been happy to have it where I can see it in my painting area.

This is the piece I've been working on when I get to TheBonnyStudio. It is a visualization of how our move feels to me. Oppressive weight on all sides, as if in a deep, dark cave. (An interesting cave, but still a dark and weighty one!). Then there is, I hope, a bright future ahead of us. With some glittery surprises, and situations and areas that are completely different from the cave. There were times during the painting of it when I thought this might devolve into a Boschian portrait of one or more circles in Hell.

The new fly in the ointment is that my engine light came on Monday, and despite having the car for more than a day, the repair shop can't FIND the "leak" the sensor thought it sensed. Mmmph. The last time this happened it cost a fortune. (Are Toyota hoses made out of molybdenum or something? Kevlar?) If they don't have it fixed by morning I believe we will take it to a DEALER and see if we can make a trade in deal on our NEW car before the reset light comes back on.

If it isn't one thing....

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