Sunday, March 04, 2012

27 Pages of Deficiencies

I was a good student through my first master's degree. Some might even say a goody-two-shoes kind of student. If the standards were clear, the instruction reasonable, I would perform "better than average." For my second master's degree (Social Work) and a clinical internship, where a great deal more of one's performance evaluation was subject, I managed to be good-enough, but not without criticisms that sometimes hurt.

So it was with irritation that I opened an attachment from our Realtor with the Buyer's House Inspector's Report.

It is a tidy, clearly written (and illustrated) TWENTY SEVEN page list of faults.

I got the same feeling looking at it as I do looking at my 7th grade yearbook photo: Bad hair, acne, braces and late 1950's "cat's eyes" glasses. Eeeek.
Some of the deficits have existed since my husband BOUGHT the house 18 years ago. That is, the CODE changed and so the house became deficient.

And some things, you know, just wear out.

The good news is that the buyer only wanted a tiny reduction in price and half the number of days until closing. EEK.
We agreed to the change in price, but let them know that we had too many irons in the fire to move up closing to a mere two weeks. (I have LOTS of good byes to say!) But I believe that our Realtor is going to tell us tomorrow to START PACKING.

Light a candle for us. Or lend us some good karma if you have any extra.

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