Sunday, March 04, 2012

New Toy for Our Travels !!

Since the three of us (me, hubby and The Cat) will be living in the car and various motels on our road-trip to our new life, compactness and traveling light is going to important; not to mention that MOST everything that belongs to us will be moved and in storage until we find new living quarters Up North. (Apologies to all grammarians who know how that sentence should have been punctuated or reworded.)

Hubby figured out what computer would work for us and got himself to a Best Buy that actually had one in stock. He's been happy as a clam for the past 6 hours uploading programs, data and his favorite bells and whistles so that we can navigate, pay bills AND be in contact day by day. Apparently, even though this new device weighs less than four pounds, it has enough memory to install my favorite photo editing program! And he got a subscription for our own hot-spot... so that we don't have to rely on McDonalds, Marriott or whoever to get service.

It seems like a long way from hitching up a mule with a package of hardtack, or setting sail with lemons and a sextant and hoping for the best.

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