Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More tasks completed!

Thanks to the simplicity of Craigslist, I sold 3 of 4 pieces of massive furniture in preparation for relocating to New England.

Today the young woman returned with check in hand and husband in tow. I figured her check that was "safe enough" because they didn't have a truck to take the furniture, and I have almost a week for the check to clear before they come back with needed truck. I'll be high-tailing it to their bank tomorrow morning!

They worried me by dithering a little bit. They hit a snag about the house THEY were buying (Fannie Mae foreclosure or short sale) because someone had gone in the house and stolen all the copper wiring.

I guess it is a good thing there won't be an occupancy gap with our house.

The couple are apparently very fond of big, heavy, depression era "Spanish Refectory" style pieces from the early 1900's. These pieces are purchased by my grandfather, resided in a house on what is now the Caltech campus, and snagged by me when he downsized and I was a newly-wed.

I earned two master's degrees studying on that table!

The 6 foot horizontal mirror which always seemed to "go with" the other pieces wasn't anything they were interested in. But I discovered that my daughter had been mulling over a "perfect" place for it in her house. And while that won't help lower shipping costs, I'll be glad that at least part of Grandpa Hazenbush's material goods are still in the family.

There are only about a zillion more things to do before the movers come and we head North.

I am hoping the inspection, appraisal and closing (!) all go smoothly. If so, it is only 30 days before we won't be sleeping in "our own beds" in "our own house."

If you have relocated, what do you think is most important to keep handy (as opposed to in the moving van) or most likely to forget? I'm starting a list!

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