Sunday, March 08, 2009

IF- Intricate
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I can't believe how absorbing this piece was for me. The border is from Estonian Lace knitting.
The center is an image of "crack initiation," from an electron microscope photograph from the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency that I found on the web. The linear image was rotated, stretched and colored.
Holes in lace make for beautiful, miractulous intricate webs; holes caused by stress corrosion cracking cause failures, leakage and heartache for many quality assurance engineers. The crack in question was from a "real material," but the article was about developing computer programs which might be able to predict where, when and in what direction cracks would form in nuclear reactors.
Crack initiation is apparently still un predictable... but once one starts, it is easier (but challenging) to predict how and where it will advance.
This is from the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency.


Amy said...

Very cool!

Roxanne Steed said...

This is soooo amazing & beautiful!!