Thursday, March 05, 2009

Book Store Discoveries
DH and I went to the big box store this evening where I saw these. We had another stop to make so rather than purchase them there, we went to our WONDERFUL independent book store. Unfortunately, it had already swapped out the "old" issue of Cloth Paper Scissors for the new one. And had already SOLD out of I am a Strange Loop. And didn't stock Line from the Creavite Painting Series. So I might have to go back...especially for Cloth Paper Scissors-- because I think a "Charm Swap" is JUST the thing to keep Spring wonderful.

I never made it through Godel, Escher, Bach. But this examination of physics, philosophy, cognition and the concept of "I" looked interesting.
Theories aside, it's impossible not to experience this book as a tender, remarkably personal and poignant effort to understand the death of his wife from cancer in 1993—and to grasp how consciousness mediates our otherwise ineffable relationships. In the end, Hofstadter's view is deeply philosophical rather than scientific. It's hopeful and romantic as well, as his model allows one consciousness to create and maintain within itself true representations of the essence of another.

What I DID find at Legacy Books was a Barrons title by the same artists entitled OIL. It has 14 techniques-- each represented by a well-known artist and then demonstrated by one or both authors. Lots of inspiration there!
Oh, and then we went to the library where I picked up The Spare Room, and some oldies by Bill Pronzini (who's written OODLES, but who I only just discovered) and Anne Rivers Siddons, Who helps me cry.

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