Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been remiss. Don't think anybody missed me.

Last week I stayed up till the wee hours finishing the second of two chemo caps for a friend. Below is what one looked like, but that I forgot to photograph. The other, also unphotographed, was without eyelets. I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK. They are unbelievably soft. My friend's hair fell out within the week... so the rush was worth it. The plain cap was in color 09, the eyelet one was in 19. I have enough left over (the pattern takes about 1-1/4 skeins, to do a striped one. SO soft! I've known about Bill Pronzini since my days as a librarian a hundred years ago. (Well, 30!!) But I never read any until this recent one. Ripping good yarn! Book stores don't carry many (not many in pbk so far as I can tell), but libraries seem to keep them. Just started my first of his "Nameless Detective" series.

Oh... and Michael Connelly AND Lee Child AND Harlen Coben AND David Baldacci have new titles coming out in the next month or two. Woohoo! Based on a recent NYT book review I reserved The Spare Room from the library. It's semi-autobiographical plot is about a woman who takes in an older, terminally ill friend while she has questionable cancer treatments. The heartache of death, dying and avoidance is definitely here, although I was (perversely) hoping for gut-wrenching emotions. On the other hand, I read it in one sitting and never came close to dozing off... so my expectations may have been misdirected!

Now you know what I did this week.


wenders said...

i miss you. a lot. :)

Keri said...

I missed you, too. Your generosity toward your friend in need is so very touching, and so very unsurprising...
and as always, thanks for the book tips!