Thursday, November 13, 2008

Knitting Books That Call to Me (Either from my personal shelves, or shelves of my LYS or the Vast Virtual Shelves of Amazon (or somebody)

Simply Shetland 4 at Tomales Bay. Unicorn Books and Crafts. INC. 2007 $24.95
Not only is the Simply Shetland yarn gorgeous, but these designs don't look like your everyday traditional cardigans. They are shaped and do have traditional seaming, but the stitches and design are new and varied.

Knitting Simple Jackets: 25 Beautiful Designs. Marilyn Saitz Cohen. New York, Lark Books/Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 2006

The best way I can describe the majority of patterns in this book is a cross between Sally Melville in The Knit and The Purl Stitch and Kimono Knits: Very simple, apparently easy textured fabrics in boxy, un-shaped pieces. (And many of these are on relatively large needles).

Northampton Wools Knitting Book: The Shop Patterns. Linda A Daniels. Vermont. Countryman Press. 2006.


Araceli said...

Want to learn new designs of jackets from your book.

Knitting Books said...

Interesting selection of knitting books you've got there.

I also believe that some of the most obscure books have the most original patterns.