Friday, September 14, 2007

Heavenly Friday
What a glorious day here in Portland, Me!
I've never actually seen apples on the tree before. (SUCH a city girl!) But this tree was just hanging out in a park near Casco Bay.

This guy (gal?) was minding her own business quietly at Foreside Home. There were reindeer platters, mermaids and funny fish, too.

These were in the back corner of a teensy bagel shop. Since the bagels were ordinary (and the interesting styles were all sold out), I'll leave them anonymous.

This is a view of Casco Bay with a giant ship heading in. After lots of searching, the square granite building that seems to float in the bay is un-named, but visible by satellite! Addendum: I was wrong.. It is called Ft. Gorge and is a popular paddling and kayak destination. The font on my map was so tiny I couldn't read it even with bi-focals. It isn't in active use any more, but was built during the Spanish American War.
The lights in the parking lot are apparently like loge-seating for seagulls.

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