Saturday, September 15, 2007

Scrumptious, Soggy Saturday

We had two items on our agenda today. Do laundry and visit Lenny the Moose. Mission accomplished!

Lenny is a 1700 pound milk chocolate Moose at a candymaker in Scarborough, Maine. As a scheme for getting people to stop, it works pretty well. The parking lot was full, and even we (who have had plenty of chocolate (search for Lake Champlain Chocolates below!!)and desserts this week) purchased some soft-center sugar-free candies.

Then we drove south to Pine Point and Orchard Beach. This must be one of the few sandy beaches in Maine. I loved the wind blown dune grass and sound of the waves.

There was a very forlorn looking "fun zone" with roller coasters and various rides that looked as though they would induce vertigo or perhaps a broken neck.

After we had as much fun as we could stand, we drove through Portland. Do you think this Goddess asked for a sign or a signal?

It was nearly dusk before the sun made an actual appearance.

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