Thursday, September 13, 2007

If it was Wednesday, it must have been Margaritas
Somewhat to our surprise, there was a highly recommended Mexican Restaurant within a stone's throw of our Courtyard Hotel. We made a special drive-by this morning to bring you this image of the Frog Mariachis.
This scene was the sort that we saw almost ALL day long. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful, and the idea of uncountable numbers of maples, birches and pines is a relief to this Texan desert dweller. On the other hand 75 miles of the "scenic route" is probably 25 miles too many!

Whereas some parts of the White Mountains were full of trees, there was a part near Mt Washington where there were granite outcroppings with nary a trowel full of top soil. The light colored part you can see between the tree branches is just such a one. It was as if it had been polished!
As always, we had unerring good fortune when looking for someplace for lunch. Western New Hampshire must thrive on skiing. But since it is still "summer" here, this enterprising group is brewing beers and cooking terrific lunches. DH had hush-puppies with REAL maple syrup. Amazing.
I wasn't quite sure what to make of this "lost" ski lift capsule.

PS: If we could find an affordable, apprpriate place in Lebanon, Norwich, Hanover, or Middlebury, I might move tomorrow. Not to mention teeny towns inbetween. Lebanon has a Borders and a NH state university campus. Hanover (home of Dartmouth) is delightful, and the home of the NH craft league. We'll see what we find in Maine. Portland has been hospitable so far.

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