Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is this really a good idea?

I saw this book, the Knitter's Guide to Yarn Cocktails
for the first time this afternoon. The cover was intriguing, though I don't particularly like the spiral bound/soft cover combination. And I had a hard time getting past the idea of making anything for me that only required four little balls of yarn.

KnitPicks says the patterns are "edgy" and gradually get harder for the newish knitter. That is probably true. I would have said the patterns are bizarre, and if you actually DRINK the cocktails (for which the recipes are included) you'll never get ANYTHING knit at all. Even the "Mexican Coffee" purse or Felted Latte bag left me with a bad, fuzzy taste in my mouth.

The blue "panties" with beaded fringe around the legs put me totally over the top. Aside from the fact that my thighs are probably bigger than your waist, dear reader, WHO wants to sit on little beady beads? Or have curious observers staring at their crotch to see JUST WHAT IS HANGING DOWN THERE?



Nancy said...

Sounds as if it tried very hard to be "cutting edge" and made it all the way to "cutesy"...

beaded panties..shudder

Knittin Kate said...

I've got this book at home, and I simply love it. I've knitted up several of these patterns now, and as an advanced beginner/ intermediate knitter I've had nothing but success. There are some gorgeous cabled vests, lovely hats, mitered shawl and tie, and purses. The text is very clear and concise, the patterns are fun, and the author does a good job of cautioning the reader of the dangers of knitting under the influence "yarnover not hangover!" Oh and by the way, the "panties" you're talking about do not have beads, they have a picot edging, and nowhere does the book say you should need only "four little balls of yarn" to complete a project. Sounds like you needed to give this book a closer look before sounding off on it.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I'm feeling (slightly) guilty. Kate's right... I did a once over, hated what I came up with and spouted off. Go make up your own mind. I'm glad it's working for her.