Monday, May 28, 2007

Illustration Friday - Car

This is my favorite. What's yours?

I got to thinking about how things would be different if EVERY creature used wheels, motors and gas the way humans do.

I also grew in my admiration for Richard Scarry's frenetic illustrations!

I fussed with this to much. I wanted it to look toxic and radioactive. Suggestions welcome.

A sort of contour drawing from Border's Cafe. I think every car in the lot was an SUV or a truck. Ah, Texas.


Janice said...

you could make a toxic cloud hanging barely over their heads... for the second.. and I like the animals... but the almost primary colours of the first and simple design is extremely appealing...

bookbabie said...

Hmmm, I think I like the animals on wheels, not something every mind would come up with;) Thanks for the email about my comment on Tony's blog. He asked, I answered with my two cents. I blurked around your blogs, good stuff, isn't blogging fun!

Twisselman said...

Yes, I like the top illustration best, but the animals are intriguing also. I recognize the little apple car with the worm... what's his name with the tyrolian (sp?) hat? Was that a Richard Scarry book? It's been ages since the kids were young enough to have that book read to them, and I think it was given away long ago. Sigh.