Monday, May 28, 2007


Today is officially DH's and my seventh Wedding Anniversary.

He is a peach, a prince, and a pal.

More than that, of course, but that is SO much.

Everyday I wake up happy to be here. Happy to choose him.

Vowing to be more like the partner he deserves (though he never complains).

We'd dated briefly nearly ten years prior to the time we found each other again. We had differeing goals back then, and were smart enough to stand up for them, even though neither of us were happy to say good bye.

And then our goals converged and entwined and remained so.

I think we would both say, that if you married young, and it didn't work out like you expected, don't give up.

Love and committment and passion and friendship can happen when you are eligible for AARP membership. And they are even better when you are older and wiser.

Traditional seventh anniversary sets are: desk sets, copper and wool.
We have desks sets that are perfect for us. There is nothing copper that we want or need.
And I'm not going to tell him about the wool. He and I both know my stash is out of control.
One of the ways to love somebody is NOT to push the limits of tolerance.
Or let them have your dresser drawers for their stash.

Love you, DH


roro said...

Awwww! Congratulations! What a sweet and lovely tribute!! Hope you have a fabulous anniversary.

Surely . . . surely there could be be a LITTLE wool . . .

wenders said...

I KNOW! Roro is RIGHT! A little wool couldn't hurt... And congrats! I'm so glad that you found each other at the right time. AND, you're already the partner he deserves, Mooms.