Monday, May 28, 2007

Inspite of intermittent drizzle which made me think of Scotland, DH and I toddled around this art festival. The clouds kept the crowds away (until we were leaving), kept the temperature down, and kept the artists subdued yet friendly.

I had an umbrella. But I wished I had the figure to wear this raincoat with big red dots! When you are not in a flash flood, rain can be fun.

Addison, Texas has a slyly balanced tax base, which means they've actually added fabulous amentities for the community. One of them is this park in the middle of a "designed" urban center.

The potter who made these said they were so ugly that they'd make everything else in the house look good. I'm not sure whether he thought we NEEDED the contrast or not. But they vaguely reminded me of Bjorn Wiinblad's pieces from the 60's. Which was a happy memory.

DH didn't like the psychedelic (or bi-polar) dogs. But I did. I am somewhat a sucker for Fauvist animals.

Too many people were sitting around the "Fried Cats" booth for me to take photos. but go here and take a look. Raku Felines.

There were some big pieces for lawn or garden.

There wasn't really a midway, but if one weighed between 20 and 200 pounds you could jump up and down here. It was sort of a trampoline on steroids. This lass was game to do flips, but didn't really like jumping as high as it would take her.

There was live music. And beer.
Sometimes just looking around the next corner was enough.

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