Thursday, June 30, 2016

Showing Up. And Luck

 Greetings from the land of the lost.  It is my intention to write brief entries more frequently.
Please comment!  I'd like to have conversations with readers, like minded or not -- rather than sparring matches with Facebook Friends.

Anyway:  A nearby town has a big todo for July 4th every year, including a judged art show.  I entered once a couple of years ago and actually won ribbons on two(!) paintings. 
This year, I had more paintings to chose from, but kind of didn't make a big deal about it in my mind.  I was participating to support my colleagues, cohorts and friends.

But I got a call tonight that I've won an award.  It will be given at an artist's reception Saturday (which I don't think I can attend because my kids and grandkids are coming to our place for an actual family picnic!!!)

I like each of the three paintings I submitted, but they are SO different in my mind: They reflect varying goals, moods, techniques and instruction.  I can hardly wait to see what won what.

There are some cash prizes, too, but THAT would be too, too much.  I'll just be happy to have a new ribbon.  AND, maybe a sold painting!

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