Sunday, November 08, 2015

They liked it, they really liked it!

It has been quite a month.  For me at least.  I crocheted a baby afghan and a baby elephant.  I co-arranged/hosted a baby shower for my first born who is having HER first born.

The cat and Dear Husband wondered if I was ever going to simmer down.

 Once I realized that a) I didn't have to cook food for the whole guest list, b) host it at my house, c) clean my house, things looked more feasible.  Two of my talented PEO sisters helped.  Ella made the cake (chocolate on the top, vanilla on the bottom) with cute fondant elephants.

 Kimberly made the flower arrangements (and a box to transport them in... NO SPILLS!).

The honoree's college roommate and I made arrangements with Country Tavern in Nashua, NH to have brunch with a room to ourselves.  (Historical:  built in 1741 and reputed to be  haunted.) Karen and John were terrific about providing extra plates, cake servers, and advice about table arrangement.

In spite of all the sweets on the brunch table, everyone had cake and it received many compliments.  At Karen's suggestion, we divided what was "left over" into generous servings in take home containers.  Some spouses, children or guests were going to get seconds later!
 My daughter was glowing as was her wife.  The guest list was friends and family, so their were college chums, sisters in law, and book club members.  Love, gifts and good humor were abundant.

There were activities!
  • A list of wishes for the baby
  • Matching numbers of days for gestation for 10 mammals (The highest scores were 40%).
  • Baby Bingo with prizes
 The onesie with the angle on it says:  Acute Baby.  Puns run in the family.
 I couldn't resist providing the new mom with a replica of HER favorite baby blanket.  Apparently she still likes it!

D-day is in January. There will be lots more pictures then.

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