Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Best husband ever, and a happy day⭐️

So today was a BIG birthday. As an only child I was definitely spoiled on birthdays, and as an adult I always worry that I'll be disappointed since my parents aren't around to do the spoiling any more.  Fear Not! Darling Husband showered me with funny, silly and sentimental cards, and a diet busting box of Godiva chocolates. Plus cozy loungewear and slippers for reading and knitting in as the temperatures drop. AND a French easel so I can work on my Claude Monet/Frieda Khalo impression!
If you see a happy, wind-blown blonde in the median strip near the corner of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, it might be me!

Oh, and my daughter texted me greetings at sunrise!  My son called, too.  There are plans afoot to meet up with each of them later in the week.
 And then there were calls, cards and comments from old and new friends.

I feel a little like Sally Field.  "They like me, they really like me." (If you didn't know that I am often vulnerable, neurotic and lacking optimism, I hope this doesn't come as too much of a shock.)
Good times.💌

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