Thursday, March 19, 2015

Springing back into knitting!

You might think that with all that snow and difficulty getting out of the house I'd have been knitting up a storm during Boston's snowiest EVAH winter.  But no.  Instead I was noshing, nattering and reading novels.But now the sun is out, the days are longer and I'm feeling quite a bit more productive.  Below is the Old Shale baby blanket I finally finished for brand new Chloe.  After a good wash, pin and steam-block it will be delivered with best wishes.

Part of the reason I wanted that "boring old thing" off the needles was so I could start Zoe Mellor/s Sheep Jacket for Granddaughter #2, due late this summer.  Granddaughters deserve vituoso craft performances, and I hope this turns out to be one.  Below are the seven (7!) colors of yarn I'll be using in my first ever Fair Isle project.  I think if you are doing to do something challenging,
as well do it for a very small person because 1) they don't complain, and 2) there less of it to do!
 This is the pattern book that I got for a song at Half Price Books in Dallas . This is the first of Ms. Mellor's designs I've done and if it works well, there will be more to follow.

I also bought synthetic yarn to make ANOTHER baby blanket with a rainbow/prismatic theme.  I would prefer to have bought wool, but for the investment I wanted to make and the time I had to shop, these colors kind of grabbed me while I was at A.C. Moore's in Nashua. I understand that Liberty Wool (which is also "tough, washable and soft" might have a similarly wide assortment of Crayon Colors.

Can't wait to get started.  THIS project, while large, is relatively mindless.  I hope it goes fast!

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